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Brewery Tours San Diego operates under TCP license 27966 A, The DD Van Service.

A word from the owner operator of Brewery Tours San Diego and The DD Van Service:

I am a fifth generation San Diegan. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2007 with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Our founder Breanna in front of one of our Mercedes Sprinters.

Breanna Frazier

After a few years working different jobs in various industries, I decided to start my own business. This business was a service ferrying drinkers to and from the bars and clubs.  At this time the only options that I knew of were taxis, limos, or party buses; this was pre-uber. I knew how expensive and chaotic taxis were and I thought San Diego could use a group transportation service that was affordable and easy. So I spent my entire “life savings” of $10,000 on my first passenger van; leaving my family and friends bewildered to say the least.

In 2010 I began tasting San Diego beers and noticing the Craft Brewery Industry. With the help of word-of-mouth promotions my van business started to take off and I merged with TheDrunkDriver.com (which had been founded in 2008 by Jeff from UCSD).  Meanwhile, the news of San Diego ‘nano’ breweries was spreading and aficionados were flying in from all over the US to find the holy grail of beer.

Instead of revelers calling us to take them to the usual dives and clubs in Pacific Beach and Downtown, people wanted to visit the fast-growing breweries scattered around the county. After uber and lyft took over the job of driving drunk people–and they do it well–I decided to focus on brewery tours and events where pre-arranged hourly charter services were needed.

One of our Mercedes Benz Sprinter Passenger Vans. A splendid - and comfortable time - is guaranteed for all.

Slowly but surely, with the help of some wonderful people, our little company, The DD Van Service, has grown and we have been able to buy brand new luxury vehicles and hire professional, talented drivers to help us continue to grow.

So when you’re in town and you want to find out what all the brewery hype is about, please give us a call!

Breanna Frazier
June, 2015