Alesmith Brewing Company

After their mad science the party hopped back into the air conditioned cool of the “Brewery Tours San Diego” Sienna which had been lurking nearby while they experimented with new beer flavors in the White Labs tasting rooms. It was still a somewhat muggy evening amidst the cement sprawl of the Miramar commercial district but as the sun disappeared behind the anonymous storage sheds and long-shut offices it was time to hit the fourth brewery of the four hour long tour.

We had hardly gotten into second gear when we found the Alesmith Brewing Company’s original tasting rooms just off of the Miramar road which have been home to the burgeoning brewing company since their formation back in 1995. We actually got a glimpse of Alesmith’s brand new (and considerably larger) facility on the suitably named Alesmith Court road, but alas it won’t be fully operational and open to beer lovers for a few months yet. Undaunted we parked close to the doors at 9366 Cabot Drive and the famous five stepped inside to partake of a little Anvil ESB – a realistic tasting homage to the English “pint of best bitter” please, guv’nor!

ESB actually translates to ‘extra special bitter’ – ie a notch or two above “best”. I favor session beers most of the time – primarily because as a taster/reviewer I always seem to be behind the wheel when I go out to research, harrumph.. matters for this blog.

But.. I did try a snifter of Anvil ESB and, by golly, it was a good ale, I can tell you! I’m very heartened that so many San Diego craft brewers are not ignoring the contribution English and indeed Scottish ales have made in the world of beer brewing. Soon (although we were far from counting the minutes) it was time for the group to venture back the short step to the awaiting vehicle for the short journey to our final destination…

Written by Billy Whiz from the UK

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