Ballast Point Brewing

The last port of call for Robert’s birthday beer bash was the substantial and impressive looking premises of Ballast Point Brewing, located at 9045 Carroll Way San Diego; just off of the Miramar Road yet again (no wonder I’ve dubbed the area Brewery Alley).

We noticed that several brewery tours appeared to be converging on the spiritual as well as actual home of Sculpin IPA (7% abv, 70 ibu bitterness), Wahoo white (4.5% abv, 12 ibu bitterness) as well as the formidable Grunion seasonal ale which is a big seller in my local bar up in Carlsbad in the north county of San Diego. Ballast point offer seven regular brews including a porter and various other styles and strengths in addition to some seasonal offering like the aforementioned Grunion – a pale ale of 5.5% abv strength with a medium bitterness of 35 ibus. It actually originated from an employee’s home brew that shone an in-house brewing competition that Ballast Point held for their staff. I hope the person in question got a royalty or percentage! It’s a really fine brew I can testify and excellent with the English pub (or apres-pub) classic – CURRY!

I didn’t get a chance on this occasion to walk around the brewery proper because it was my drop off point for the valiant crew; San Diego Brewery Tours is flexible when it comes to the arrangements and had agreed to drop off the birthday party at their choice of location where I’m certain they wasted no time in getting into some serious beer tasting.. Cheers until next time – drink and be merry please, but drive safe – or better; give Breanna or Steve a call at San Diego Brewery Tours and leave the worry about getting home safe and in one piece to them!

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