Be Proud Pure Project Brewery

Just two Saturdays ago, we were invited to a “Media Day” at the new San Diego brewery, Pure Project Brewery, 9030 Kenamar Dr #308, San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 252-6143 in Miramar area, right around the corner from the Ballast Point brewery on Carroll Way.  

Let me say that having a “Media Day” was genius. For this day Pure Project invited tour companies (such as Brewery Tours San Diego and The DD Van Service) to come and see what they have to offer before they opened to the public. This was a wise move!

Winslow, Agi, Jesse, Mat, and the team have a lot to be proud of. Firstly they chose to occupy one of two turnkey brewhouses set up by HG Fnton’s Brewery Igniter program in Miramar.*  HG Fenton has been able to assist Brewerpureies to fast track opening by developing “turnkey Breweries,” instead of the usual arduous process requiring pending-brewery-owners to pay rent for months–years in some cases–before opening, while they wait for licensing and permits to be issued. This turn-key brewery idea is genius. And Pure Project is smart for seizing this opportunity, instead of wanting to own all the equipment and rent a big space, they chose the wise decision to start small and build up to a larger facility when they have their loyal beer drinkers in tow.  So after they are raking in the doe, they will probably expand to another place–as many San Diego breweries have done and are doing–keeping this original location and creating a 2nd location, or just opting to move lock stock and barrel. Pun intended.

The motif of Pure Project is warehouse-in-Costa-Rica’s-jungle, complete with a live moss filled “PURE” sign on the wall.  This is a welcoming fresh spot for all to come and enjoy beer. Every detail of the decor, down to the purse hooks and felt on the bottom of the stools to reduce noise, was done with purpose. It is clear that a lot of thought was put into the tasting room decor. Also thoughtful was Agi’s beautiful layout of gourmet hors d’oeuvres including Bitchin’ Sauce, which I used to buy at the Encinitas Farmers Market.

Now to the most important aspect of a new brewery: How’s the beer? Well, Pure Brewing flat out makes great beer!  Each one of the 8 or 9 beers we tried was more than drinkable, top-notch.  I am impressed when a brewery has 3 to 5 good beers, breweries with 6 to 10 stand out; and breweries with hundreds of good beers sell for a billion dollars, i.e. Ballast Point Brewery. The beer at Pure Project appropriately tastes pure–clean, crisp, fresh, addictively refreshing.

Great attention to detail, great beer, great people, great plan; that’s the recipe that will allow Pure Project Brewery to succeed in a pool of 120+ breweries.  They’re a gem.


*Some information about the Brewery Igniter program was taken from the article written by Ian Anderson, January 25th 2016, in The Reader.



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