Belching Beaver Brewery


Belching Beaver, 980 Park Center Drive, Suite A, Vista, California 92081

If you are a connoisseur of fine San Diego Beers you’ve probably seen the colorful Belching Beaver Brewery 22’s at your local bottle shop. The’re ubiquitous, and usually found side by side with those of the other famous North County Brewery. Good news for everybody is that Belching Beaver also has a tasting room in Vista, CA.

Belching Beaver is known for having an eclectic, yes delicious, array of taps. This includes favorites like their Me So Honey – a honey wheat ale, their Rabid Beaver Rye IPA and their exciting one offs like their Great Lei IPA, which is a fantastic IPA with pineapple.

In addition to those the tasting room has unique creations on tap. Along with their normally available beers, they were offering a new brew called the Sour Puss, which was a SD style sour. By that I mean sour wild yeast flavors backed up by some hops. The combination creates a great balance since the dryness of the hops counters some of the overt sourness. This (along with the raspberry version) makes for a very drinkable sour, and a great introduction to the style. During my visit they also had a Pumpkin Milk Stout that was just as strange BeaverBeersas you would think, and more delicious than you’d imagine. The subtle pumpkin spices crossed with the creaminess of Belching Beaver’s Milk Stout will make you think of the fall in the best way possible.

To go with all of the beers you’re drinking, Belching Beaver often hosts caterers and gourmet food trucks. While I was there Mishmash Gourmet was the chef de jour, and the schedule posted at the brewery had dates for more.

Outside is a unique environment, with fire pits, lounge chairs, and picnic tables. Belching Beaver has frequent musical guests, and the whole area has a very cool, low key atmosphere. It makes for a relaxing way end to a day, or to plan adventures at the start of one.  

Tasters run about $2.00, but bottles, pints and growlers are also available.

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-Post written by Eric Carr


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