Coronado Brewing Company

Brewery Tours…

…Are we talking ‘touring the brewery’ or ‘trying every beer they make (or two..)?

I’m kidding of course as I love beer as much as the next brew-head but as a guy, I inherited a love and admiration of machinery and human endeavor from my father who was an engineer, although not much of a beer drinker strangely. I digress, but as I entered the cavernous Coronado Brewing Company brewing facility tucked away at the end of Knoxville Street, just off the I5 at intersection 21, I was taken back to a tour my father gave me of G.E. Gas Turbines in Rugby, England, where I stared in amazement as a young boy at the vast facility and all the men and women rushing around creating these huge machines.

Tasting Room

It felt a little like déjà vu the other day at the CBC Tasting Room as I admired the huge stainless steel vats and pipework as men went calmly about their business, quietly producing ales and pilsners for the connoisseurs of San Diego craft beer who visit and taste the various flavors at the Tasting Rooms itself as well as the many other outlets that the Coronado Brewing Co supply. I noticed that dogs are welcomed too (on a leash, please) and in fact, a large hound sat faithfully beside his master as he worked the bottling machine close to the comfortable bar, before a fellow worker took him out for.. well, whatever dogs get taken out to do!

The CBC publicity states ‘’housemade brews with production views’’ and that just about sums it all up at the Tasting Rooms on Knoxville Street; whether you’re intrigued by the brewing process or just wish to sample the produce, you won’t be disappointed by visiting the Coronado facility and checking it all out.

By the way, mine’s an Orange Avenue Wit please.. Cheers!

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