Driving Brewery Tours is My Job

I had been in the transportation business for a couples of years in San Diego, driving people to dinner and home, concerts.  It seemed pretty routine. Then one day I drove a “brewery tour.” Breanna asked me to drive these people to “Breweries in San Diego”.  I had no idea that there were Breweries in San Diego,  or that the Breweries in San Diego were actually making good beers and getting noticed in other parts of the country and world.


One of my first visits to MIke Hess Brewery in Miramar, when it was still a shoebox brewery. *shoebox = small

The people gave me addresses and I plugged them into the GPS and off we went. As I got closer to the first brewery I started to get nervous as I was driving into a warehouse district in Miramar. Before that day I had never driven anyone to Miramar, except for the “Miramar Air Show.” I knew Miramar had furniture shops and a huge Military Base. The GPS was telling me to drive between two large industrial buildings, so I did, and then we saw the blue umbrella flags out front of Mike Hess Brewery.  I was intrigued; I started to learn about the Brewery industry and what wonderful beers awaited me, (after work of course).  What really caught my attention and shocked me that day was that someone was paying me to drive them to buy beer and also that this beer they were buying was down right expensive, by my standards at that time. I remember thinking, “What kind of a person would spend $15 to $30 on a 22 oz bottle of beer?”  Turns out 5 years later, I would be frequenting “Beeramar” and buying lots of expensive beer! 

This is the first group I took to White Labs. They accidentally stole my keys and I wasted about an hour looking for them before they realized that they had picked them up.

This is the first group I took to White Labs. They accidentally stole my keys and I wasted about an hour looking for them before they realized that they had picked them up.

The beer industry in San Diego has grown up in front of our very eyes.  San Diego breweries have won national and international awards from all over the world.  San Diego breweries make probably over a 100 different types of beer, bringing millions of dollars in revenue to the local tax base.  The breweries are worth millions of dollars themselves. Example, Ballast Point just sold for a billion dollars. The brewery industry is responsible for thousands of jobs, including mine, I drive “brewery tours” now at least twice per week.  Visitors from all over the world buy thousands of hotel room nights every year, just to drink San Diego craft beer.




I was the first Brewery Tour driver to take anyone to Indian Joe Brewery. They had just opened!

Fast forward to 2016, I have a cupboard full of growlers, my company (originally known as TheDrunkDriver.com) has grown into www.BreweryToursSanDiego.com , a proud member of the San Diego Brewers Guild*.  At www.BreweryToursSanDiego.com we get calls from all over the country from people coming to San Diego to visit our wonderful Craft Beer scene.  Last count by San Diego Brewers Guild was that there are 120 breweries open and making beer. People in America and around the world want to come here for the weather, beaches and to drink great American beer.  In 2015, the San Diego Airport Authority reported that San Diego had a record year for visitors.  

That is how Craft Beer created  www.BreweryToursSanDiego.com, and purchased our new fleet of Mercedes Benz 14 passenger Limo and bench seat vans.  We are here to help the adventurous explore San Diego and all we have to share.  We are truly blessed to live in, eat, and drink from this wonderful place, San Diego.



Post written by John Finn

*The Drunk Driver LLC  is the parent company of www.Brewerytourssandiego.com and is a member of the san diego brewery guild


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