Father’s Day Brewery Tour: The Perfect Gift for Dad


Now that you’re a grown-up, it’s time to start doing grown-up things. Sure, you pay the rent on time, and you go to work every day, and you’re “responsible.” But let’s face it, if your parents foot the bill every time you go out to dinner, then you’re not really a full-fledged grown up. And if your go-to Father’s Day gift to Dad is still something (necktie, apron, coffee mug) printed with “Best Dad Ever,” then it’s really time to buck-up, Little Camper.

This year, show Dad how grown-up you are by giving him what he really wants for Father’s Day: a private tour of San Diego breweries. (or if a public tour fits your needs better you can purchase those pre-planned tickets here.

Here’s how it works:

1) You call us at Brewery Tours San Diego and say you want to book a private Father’s Day tour of local breweries.

2) We ask you what time, which vehicle, and which San Diego breweries you want to visit. You give us your itinerary (or we’ll help you choose – we love planning these things).

3) We say, “Excellent choice,” and then we ask if you want to pay for everything individually or if you want a package deal that will include your tasters, tour, transportation, and gratuities for your driver and the brewery staff.

4) Before you answer our question, you ask yourself, “WWDD, what would dad do?”

5) We say, “Definitely the package deal,” because it’s just more impressive when Dad knows, “it’s all taken care of.” Plus Dad will never feel the need to pull out his wallet just because he sees you pulling out yours.

6) So that’s what you go with, the package deal.

7) And that’s that. You have now officially arranged for a kickass Father’s Day gift: a private tour of hand picked San Diego breweries.

8) All that’s left now is to buy a card, and call Dad to say, “Be ready by 12:00 p.m. on Sunday.” Mom, too, unless it’s an all guy’s day.

9) On the appointed day and time, Brewery Tours San Diego will pick you up at the appointed location in the vehicle you’ve chosen, and the fun begins!

From that point on, you get to sit back and relax, indulge in some tasty local beers with Good Old Dad, and take pride in knowing that you’re the best offspring ever (and all grown up, too).

Here’s to you, and here’s to Dad.

Ready to Make Your Reservation?

Buy your public tour tickets here. Feel free to give us a call at 858-228-4992, or send an email to Breanna@BreweryToursSanDiego.com.

Happy Father’s Day 2016 from all of us at Brewery Tours San Diego!

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