Local Hops Picking

hops Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit San Diego Golden Hop Farm for some first class hops-pitality. Corie graciously provided beer and gourmet lunch, after showing us around the farm, while teaching us about growing hops and how to properly pick the hops from the bine (fun fact: Although frequently referred to as the hops “vine”, it is technically a bine). We needed to pick what seemed like a million pounds of cascade hops for Coronado Brewery, who was coming to pick up their order.

As you can read on their website, Golden Hop Farm grows hops for the beer industry using organic and sustainable methods. Located in North San Diego County, they are living out their dream to provide hops to local breweries to encourage the making and drinking of healthy beer.  Gary and Corie Johndro aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, and encourage the craft beer culture to do the same, by offering for sale to both home brewers and breweries unique and healthy varieties that are locally grown, personally nurtured and hand picked for optimum flavor.  Whole hops for sale are offered both “wet” and “dried” and include Cascade, Chinook, Crystal, Galena, Glacier, Horizon, and Nugget (every year there are also a few experimental varieties added).


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