Stone Brewery Escondido

I was taking a tour of the Stone Brewery Escondido with Steve who was shepherding a party of travelers from The Netherlands. That’s Holland to you Yanks. One of the young women in the group took a sip of the Stone Smoke Porter (5.9% ABV) and exclaimed “Alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest”

Escondido Stone Brew Co. - Stone Smoked Porter

Stone Smoked Porter. “It was as if an angel had peed on your tongue.”

“What did she say?” Asked the Stone indoctrinator specialist.  Hannah paused for for a second then said. “I think the literal translation is ‘It was as if an angel had peed on my tongue.’ And so say all of us. That should be the description on the label and the online tasting notes. Here I just re-wrote them:

“A favorite of Stone Brewing beer fans for almost 20 years, this English-style  dark beer is velvety and  intricate with smoky chocolate and coffee flavors that will make you believe that an angel has just peed on your tongue.”

I think that covers it.

The Escondido location of the Stone Brewery is grandly (some might say pretentiously), named Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens. But Stone have never been shy about extolling the virtues of their hoppy products. CEO Greg Koch’s philosophy has always been “if you don’t like the beers then go somewhere else.” You win no prizes for modesty by naming your best-selling beer ‘Arrogant Bastard’.

The bistro at Stone Brewery in Escondido

The bistro at Stone Brewery Escondido is large, lavish and champions  ‘slow food’, the polar opposite of McDonalds. The dishes are designed to be paired with Stone’s beers – or vice versa. And if you’re in a hurry “then go somewhere else”. The prices reflect the ‘farm to table’ nature of the fare.

Stone Brewery Escondido food and beer...

Don’t forget the vittles when you visit The Stone Brewery Escondido

A bowl of Tempeh Chili will set you back a chilling $13, and the Wagyu Top Sirloin tops the menu price-wise at $36 served with a side of hash browns made with a mixture of potatoes and edamame. Suggested beer parings are of course indicated. And if any of your party are hopophobes there’s a decent selection of more than two dozen wines available.

The brewery indoctrination, er – I mean tour – lasts about 45 minutes. So allow yourself plenty of time before or after to sample the delights of the bistro – and a few of the 36 beers that the tasting room has on offer. And remember it’s not over until the angel tinkles.

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