Stopping by the New English Brewing Company’s peaceful headquarters

Those of you who caught my last blog post when I touched on English beer and the mystical ‘real ale’ may be wondering (as I was) if it’s possible to check out anything resembling a so-called English Ale amongst the plethora of craft beer breweries and brewpubs here in the San Diego area.

Well, I was chatting to my boss Steve who is extremely knowledgeable about the craft beer scene here in the So Cal area generally and he told me that I definitely needed to visit a nice little operation just off of the I5 freeway down in the Sorrento Valley. He even gave me directions but as I drew closer I could smell the aroma of Kentish-grown Golding hops emanating from the New English Brewing Company’s peaceful headquarters just beneath the hubbub of the main road routes north and south. As I pulled in to the parking area; thirsty; I wondered how many brewheads drive by the small brewery each day unaware of the liquid delights contained therein? The New English Brewing Co. brew three quarters of a dozen types of ale and even a stout or two and amongst their collection you will find homage paid to classic English styles like ESB (extra special brew) as well as the best of Californian beers including a creamy Red.

Although brewed here in the sunshine, some of the beers available would be equally welcomed by a tired and thirsty postman or drenched milkman as they dry off from the inclement English weather and enjoy a quick ‘sup of the good stuff’. I urge you to give the place a visit if you want to mix a little So Cal sunshine with a taste of the ‘fog and cloud’ of the old country. Better still book a tour of the brewery on this site and do it in style without the slog of driving up or down the busy freeway!

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