Visiting “Intergalactic Brewing Company”

Continuing on from my recent entry about my first brewery tour as a guide I guess you’d say, I wanted to share with you some of the locations we visited in the four hour tour.

Intergalactic Brewing Company, 9835 Carroll Center Road, San Diego, 92126.

After travelling a few miles or less in the San Diego Brewery Tours’ white Toyota Sienna, which carries five passengers in comfort, we arrived at an innocuous commercial block and discovered Intergalactic, buried away slightly secretively amongst other ventures hidden behind darkened and mirrored glass windows. The welcome was far from cold and space-like though as the famous five ventured boldly into their first brewery of the evening.

With a choice of four core craft beers: Astro (an intriguing Scottish 80 shilling ale), Orion’s Oatmeal Stout, Subspace Session IPA, and Andromeda American IPA, the five tourists were soon trading notes on the high quality brews and chewing the fat generally. I spotted them talking to another party of revelers travelling with a. harrumph.. rival tour company, but it was all good as we seemed to beat them to every next venue comfortably! Intergalactic were also rocking a selection of seasonal or guest beers including a wackily-titled porter and some fine English-inspired Ales. I had a few moments while the party relaxed and sampled the fare and brews, free from worry about getting safely to the next venue, so I studied up a little from some literature about Intergalactic products.

Their Astro Ale had intrigued me right from the start and I soon learned that it was indeed a Scottish-style Ale with malty, nutty, slightly sweet tones. Amber in color, it’s IBU rating was a low 21 which indicates a lack of bitterness. Oh and if you’re wondering where the heck the 80 shillings designation comes in, well over in the Highlands and indeed the Lowlands of Bonny Scotland, the shilling designation was akin to a grade of beer strength – 60 shilling meaning a session beer and so on, through to 90 shilling plus for “Scotch Ales’?

Your 80 shilling means an export strength: there you go.. Cheers!

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