Visiting Legacy Brewing Company of Oceanside

Legacy Brewing Company of Oceanside, California is on a mission:

…to make a noise and wake up the slightly cozy Craft Beer scene which is a prominent feature of SoCal day and nightlife both for local beer aficionados and visitors to the thriving San Diego area alike.

A Table at the Legacy Brewing Company of Oceanside

A Table at the Legacy Brewing Company of Oceanside

Since their formation in October 2013 (or should that be Oktober?) when the main brewery at the side of a small airfield in Oceanside opened its doors to local beer lovers for the first time, owners J.J. Snyder and his business partner have not rested on their laurels nor prestigious beer Awards but sought to constantly expand the range of products and the little niceties that sometimes we barely notice (open mic nights, local bands, giant-sized jenga – oh and even Bingo!) whilst we’re sampling the delicious brews on offer. So much so that back in Jan 2015 Legacy opened a second venue; the Tap & Kitchen at 7060 Miramar Road in Mira Mesa so that folk from the big city can get a chance to sample one or three of Legacy’s nine regular offerings and several seasonal brews.

I recently got the chance to taste a flight of four sampler glasses of Legacy’s fine beers including their wonderful ‘The Daily Stout’, Hop Off 76 IPA (geddit? OK, the brewery is located just a stone’s throw from the I76 in O-Side..) and Sedition Pale Ale. All great brews in my humble Englishman’s opinion. We were shown graciously to our table in a quiet area at the back of the Tap & Kitchen in Mira Mesa by Matty our server and also sampled a delicious chicken sandwich with fries too. I was impressed by the size and friendliness of the new location which is very accessible to those in the Miramar locality with a few minutes to spare for a real pint. I also took a few moments to visit the main brewery up in my neighborhood in Oceanside and was delighted to find an atmosphere a little akin to a cross between a traditional English pub (dark, low beams lots of nice historic photographs) and a small but busy brewing operation.

I didn’t get the chance to meet either JJ or the brewer Mark Mericle as both were very busy in their respective roles, but I found the tantalising smell of hops that wafted on the southern breeze and the general hominess of the establishment to be extremely cool – to use a most un-english-like expression, hurumph! In a word, I can firmly recommend both Legacy’s brews and the locations to beer aficionados wholeheartedly.

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