Which San Diego Brewery is Right for You?


Here at Brewery Tours of San Diego, when people call to book their tours, they often ask us which San Diego breweries are best. That’s not a question we can easily answer because everyone on our team has favorites – and they’re all different! San Diego has so many incredible breweries, and each of those breweries has a number of options to please a range of palates.

So…if you want to know which San Diego breweries have the best beer, we suggest you start making the rounds. Hopefully, this brief list of San Diego beers we love will set you on the road to discovering your favorites.

Mike Hess Brewery

Balanced and intelligent beer selection. One of the coolest spots in North Park with plenty of seating. There beers will not disappoint and the staff are very knowledgeable.

Claritas Kolsch – Refreshing. Balanced. Clean crisp German beer.

Grazias Vienna Cream Ale – Smooth, creamy, malty, toasty, and chocolatey. Balanced.

Habitus Double IPA – Very drinkable, high gravity, crisp and spicy rye IPA, Floral and piney aromatics.

Modern Times Beer

If you like coffee this is the place for you. Not only do they have delicious java brews, they also serve straight-up iced coffee, which is great for those of you who get sleepy from drinking beer; that’d be me. They do also have good coffee-less beers. If you’re down with dank, you’ll be down with MT.

Black House – This creamy oatmeal coffee stout packs an aroma-and-flavor punch that’s unmistakably driven by the coffee brewed in-house.

Fortunate Islands – If you have a hard time choosing between hoppy beers and wheaty beers, this one might satisfy your every desire. It combines the characteristics of a serious IPA with those of an easygoing wheat beer.

Ballast Point Brewery

Something for everyone. If you can’t find a beer that you like here, then you don’t like beer. This is a great place to bring people who are trying craft beer for the first time, or for people who want to try something different and experimental.

Grapefruit Sculpin IPA – A derivative of Ballast’s famous award-winning Sculpin IPA. “May be the best IPA in a town packed to the gills with them,” says Ian Anderson. In our opinion the Grapefruit Sculpin IPA it is the best of the Sculpin variations that Ballast has debuted to date. Other variations to try include: Pineapple Sculpin and Habanero Sculpin; we suggest mixing those two together to create a sweet ‘n’ spicy Sculpin. By the time I publish this blog they will probably have come out with a new variation and I can’t wait to try it!

Indra Kunindra – If you’re into experimental flavors, this one fits the bill. It is described as, “a burst of madras curry, cumin, cayenne, coconut, and Kaffir lime leaf.”

Stone Brewery

Think citrus and pine. Stone is home to strong IPAs, and they do also brew other beer styles.

Ruination Double IPA – One of the first West Coast Double IPAs in the world, a beer style created in the United States. Every year they add more hops to this beer so it’s always evolving. If you’re a hop head you’ll definitely appreciate this beer.

Smoked Porter – Rich, dark, and delicious. Coffee and chocolate with a subtle smokiness. This one’s a must-try for fans of dark beer and chocolate stouts.

Green Flash Brewing Company

IPAs only. Don’t go there unless you like hopped up beer.

West Coast IPA – This popular beer is all hops all day. One reviewer called it, “happiness of the hoppy variety.”

Le Freak Belgian IPA – This Belgian-American hybrid is another favorite over at Green Flash, with its flavors of zesty orange marmalade and citrus pith. Refreshing!

Societé Brewing

2 tasters at a time, so don’t try to order a whole flight, “read the sign”, they’ll say.

The Bachelor – You’ll want to return to Societé Brewing over and over again to discover the subtle changes in this single-hop beer. Each variation uses the same recipe, but because the hops change, the beer does, too.

The Harlot – Looking for a brighter, lighter beer without sacrificing flavor? Try this crisp, light, dry Belgian Extra on for size. It’s complex, versatile, and pairs well with a wide range of foods.

Come explore San Diego’s best beers with Brewery Tours of San Diego!

The above list is just a tiny sip of the glorious beer options you’ll find here in San Diego. San Diego is, after all, the Craft Beer Capital of the World.

You’ll find almost all of the abovementioned breweries on one or more of our public tours. And if you have the hankering to visit a brewery that’s not on our public tours, we can put together a private San Diego brewery tour just for you!

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