List of Breweries

Breweries in the downtown area are few but worth the visit

This one isn’t quite downtown, but it doesn’t fit into any other category, so…

  • Coronado Brewing Company

Coronado, worth a visit just because it’s Coronado and the tasting room on Knoxville St, near Sea World, north of downtown.

Restaurant Downtown San Diego

Restaurant Downtown

What is there NOT to do in Downtown San Diego.

You have wonderful food of every ethnic persuasion, live music almost every night of the week. And if you feel like getting down with your bad self the House Of Blues has a blues jam every Wednesday night. You don’t have to be great, but you should at least be good, otherwise you won’t be invited back.

For food, I have my favorites. If you want really authentic Indian cuisine then the Monsoon on 4th Avenue is it. It makes few concessions to wussy Americans.

Downtown San Diego - Beer and Sushi

Sushi Chef in a Downtown Restaurant

The India House is definitely toned down tasty Indian, but don’t kid yourself that you are eating what the natives would be eating in the homeland.

For sushi I like Taka. Incredible attention to detail and of course the fish is so fresh that the only way to find it fresher is off your own hook. So I suppose ‘off the hook’ is an appropriate accolade.

Mexican, steakhouses, Italian and all variety of Asian restaurants are well represented. Just ask at your hotel. Or better still, ask us.