So what do you do in Santee apart from drink beer? Hmmmm.  Only one thing I can think of -you can drink hard liquor at either the Twisted Manzanita or BNS Distilling Companies.

It's Twisted Man - and all the better for it. Don't forget the distillery.

It’s Twisted Man – and all the better for it. Don’t forget the distillery.

That’s right, in a town with only three breweries, two of them are also distilleries. This is where you really need Brewery Tours (or distillery tours) San Diego. Because after sampling what these outfits have to offer you will be in no condition to drive. And believe me these guys offer a lot.

From Twisted Manzanita you should most certainly taste the gorgeous ‘Gillespie Brown Ale’, which brings in shades of many other colors.  Twisted Manzanita Spirits, just around the corner will wow you with a 95 proof whiskey, fresh orange vodka and a moonshine that will have you howling.

List of Breweries

There may only be three in Santee, but I guarantee you will not leave this town unsatisfied.

  • Butcher Brewing
  • Twisted Manzanita Ales And Spirits
  • BNS Brewing And Distilling