Note: When we speak about Miramar (“Beeramar”) we are often including Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley, and Scripps Ranch into the equation, because all those breweries are within 10 minutes of each other.

Just a brief blast up the freeway – with with no foot movement required from you and you’re in Miramar. This is one of the most rewarding area in San Diego County for beer tasting. Just as well, because there is very little else to do there – apart from eat some of the best Asian food in there area. So, eat and drink and be merry, but not necessarily in that order.

Mira Mesa Breweries - Ballast Point

Ballast Point Glass

No brewery tour would be complete without a trip to one of San Diego’s largest and most  iconic breweries – Ballast Point. And a few minutes after leaving it you can be tasting at the smallest commercial brewery in the area – Intergalactic Brewing Company.

And there’s so much in between. If you have limited time I would recommend a tasting in the Miramar area.

Yuseff was one of Jack’s early customers at Home Brew Mart, a haven for home brewers looking for supplies. A mutual respect for each others’ beers led to the pair moving Jack’s backyard operation to the backroom of Home Brew Mart.

The always friendly Katy at the Ballast Point Brewery

The always friendly Katy at the Ballast Point Brewery

Demand for the beers increased to the point that by 2004 the operation was moved to the Old Grove Road location.

“Do what you love and you’re going to be successful,” says Jack. It’s certainly worked for him.

This year Ballast Point topped 100,000 barrels. When their new facility opens hopefully late in 2014 output should reach 300,000 barrels satisfying thirsty palates nationwide.

List of Breweries

Miramar and Mira Mesa and Sorrento Valley and Scripps Ranch