A hot air balloon ride is something that you should experience several times in your life.

A hot air balloon ride is something that you should experience several times in your life.

Just a hop, barley and a malt up interstate 15 is the pleasant little town of Temecula (population 100,000). There’s plenty to do here – apart from taste beer.

No matter what your star sign is you can experience air, earth, fire and water in fairly quick succession.

If you’ve never been on a hot air balloon ride it’s a must. Sailing silently over the Southern California countryside is exciting and relaxing at the same time. If going down is more your thing The Scuba Center takes you on a watery excursion that can end with your open water certification.

Ironfist Brewing - Ales For Outlaws

One of Ironfire Brewing Co’s slogans is ‘Ales For Outlaws’. Can’t wait to buy the bumper sticker.

A ‘night glow’ is the climax of a balloon festival when all the propane tanks are ignited on tethered hot air balloons. The glow can light up the night sky for miles. You can witness this each year in early June at the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival where you can also be glowing from tasting all the local beers and wines.

And the important part – Temecula Breweries. There are eight of them and all are fairly close to each other, but certainly not walking distance. Let Breanna or Steve do your walking.

Just about every beer style in the known universe is represented here – and some unknown.

From a Strawberry Lager named ‘Strawberry Short Quake’ at The Aftershock Brewing Co. to a cheek-sucking, massively hoppy double IPA called Dead On Arrival from The Ironfire Brewing Co., you can have it all.

And here comes the list…

 The Temecula Breweries:

  • Aftershock Brewing Co
  • Black Market Brewing Co
  • Craft Brewing Co
  • Electric Brewing Co
  • Ironfire Brewing Co
  • Refuge Brewery
  • Relentless Brewing Co
  • Wiens Brewing Co