Ballast Point Brewery – Mira Mesa

The story of Ballast Point Brewery is one of the biggest success stories of  the San Diego beer world.

In the early 1990’s  Jack White, the owner of Home Brew Mart met Yuseff Cherney, an avid home brewer. Jack sensed that Yuseff knew what he was doing, and a friendship developed. The pair decided to work together on making the beers that they loved, and they moved the operation to the backroom of the store.

In 1996 the pair decided to go commercial and

Co-owner Yuseff Cherney is an avid fisherman, so it made sense for him and partner Jack White to name their beers after all things aquatic. And that’s what they’ve been doing since 1996 when Ballast Point was founded.

Yuseff was one of Jack’s early customers at Home Brew Mart, a haven for home brewers looking for supplies. A mutual respect for each others’ beers led to the pair moving Jack’s backyard operation to the backroom of Home Brew Mart.

Demand for the beers increased to the point that by 2004 the operation was moved to the Old Grove Road location.

“Do what you love and you’re going to be successful,” says Jack. It’s certainly worked for him

Last year Ballast Point produced more than 80,000 barrels of 30+ beers. This year they should top 100,000 barrels. When their new facility opens hopefully late in 2014 output should reach 300,000 barrels, satisfying thirsty palates nationwide.

James Murray (Brewmaster)

Better known as Hopgod, James’ philosophy on brewing is “If it’s fermentable I’ll try it.”

Kenny Battle (Manager)

Kenny fights the good fight in the Ballast Point tasting room. “I’ll cut off small parts of my body to make visitors happy. In fact I recently did when I lost a fingertip to a descending barrel.”

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