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Not just a brewery, but a brewery within a pub, Callahan’s Pub & Brewery has been around for 26 years.It was started by two restaurant managers who, finding no Irish-style pub for miles decided the area needed one.

There's always a friendly welcome for strangers at Callahan's, making the place appear like one constant party

There’s always a friendly welcome for strangers at Callahan’s, making the place appear like one constant party

My favorite of their house beers is the amusingly named Monster Mash. It’s Like a  Porter on an illegal amount of steroids. Brewed with a collection of dark malts, it has an ABV of 6.7%, making it Callhan’s second strongest beer. here’s a list of what they make in-house.

Shamrock Gold – 5.5% ABV

Pale gold in color, this ale is one of our lighter ales, but by no means a light beer! A great beer for newcomers to craft-brewed beers, this ale is crisp and refreshing with a clean hop finish.

Blueberry Wheat – 4.5% ABV

An unfiltered wheat beer with a subtle hint of Blueberries, this beer is more on the drier side (not overly sweet) with a crisp finish. Not your typical fruit beer, berry easy to drink.

Callahan Red – 4.8% ABV

Our signature beer, this beer has started more meals and conversations than any other at Callahan’s! This red ale is a well-balanced beer, not too sweet and not too hoppy with a beautiful copper color, extremely smooth and rich.

Marie pours a refreshing 'El Hefe Weizen'

Marie pours yet another of the pub’s refreshing brews


Nameless Nutbrown – 5.7% ABV

A dark smooth ale that is dark and satisfying. This beer has hints of caramel and roasted malts, which are accompanied with a combination of Williamette and Cascade hops. The best Brown Ale you’ll ever try.

Mesa Pale Ale – 5.8% ABV

This traditional beer is golden in color and very refreshing. A classic pale ale with slight hop undertones that is easy to drink.

El “Hefe” Weizen – 4.8% ABV

A wheat beer brewed with Barvarian yeast, this beer has the classic characteristics of a European Hefeweizen such as the clove and banana aroma. Served unfiltered this beer will quench your thirst on those hot summer days.

Infinitude IPA – 6.8% ABV

This India Pale Ale has great hop flavor imparted by the variety of hops used in the brew. You’ll find the usual Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops for the distinctive citrus/grapefruit aroma and flavors. We also added some Simcoe for a nice hint of pine. We used the same hop varieties in the dry hopping to give it a pleasantly assertive but not overpowering bitter finish. The reasonable ABV makes this brew easy to drink and endlessly refreshing.

Monster Mash – 6.7% ABV

This is one big ale, it has all the best characteristics, the heart of a Porter and the bigness and color of Stout. Brewed with a collection of dark malts, big (notice we keep saying that) and flavorful with a punch that makes this ale almost scary.

Old Thornton

Named after one of our favorite John Wayne characters, this is our Barley Wine, dark copper in color with high residual malty sweetness. High in alcohol with some hop bitterness. A malty aroma and the taste will be in the finish. Big and flavorful, be careful.

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