Iron Fist Brewery – Vista, CA

Late last October I said to my beer-drinking buddy Ed “Have you ever been to Iron Fist Brewery in Vista ? I understand they have great beers,  a nice spacious tasting room and don’t often get too busy”

“Let’s go,” said Ed. Was I wrong.  We hit the brewery’s 3rd anniversary bash, and as well as us there were at least 250 thirsty and hungry double-fisters sampling beers rarely seen here before.

Iron Fist

The entrance to the sizeable Iron Fist Tasting Room. Remember that if you have too many The Revolution will continue.

There was the punningly hoppy Nelson The ImpALEr named after the single NZ hop used; the Belgian-style Hired Hand; Roots of Wrath – An Abbey-style quad brewed with molasses, sarsaparilla, sasfafras, blue juniper berries, vanilla bean, ginger, and sweet anise at a decimating 10.5%. The Imperial Rebellion is farmhouse ale with Motueka hops & kaffir lime leaves 9.Probably in a style that Napoleon”s troops raping Belgium in 1815 would have found familiar.

This brewery is family run under the eclectic helmsmanship of 24-year old brewmaster Brandon Sieminski, who has continued his love of Belgian-style beers to the max.  But his beers often have major twists in their flavors that you certainly wouldn’t find in beers within a the range of an Exocet missile fired from Brussels. But the beers are always intriguing and well worth tasting. We guarantee you won’t be bored.

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