Rip Current Brewery – San Marcos

Rip Current tasting room and brewery (17)

You know that you’ve arrived. This is not a low-profile establishment. The Rip Current brewery is visible for blocks.

Approach Rip Current’s beers with caution. They taste pleasantly gentle but half of the 16 beers on their roster have an ABV of 6.5 – 11%. You just don’t realize that. it takes a very talented brew master to make a strong beer that doesn’t taste ‘hot’ with alcohol.

And it took two talented brewers, Paul Sangster and Guy Shobe to make beers of this quality and subtlety. Paul and Guy had been home brewers for decades the and both have brewed almost every style of beer imaginable. Their beers have won numerous awards and constantly receive accolades. Paul is one of only three master level beer judges in the San Diego area.

Rip Current (28)

It’s OK dear, they’re empty. Part of Paul Sangster’s collection of 13,000 beer cans displayed in the tasting room.

Output is currently only 750 bbl a year – small batch beers almost always taste better. But there are plans to increase as demand inevitably will.

Entering the tasting room you are greeted by walls of beer cans dating back 80+ years – 1,300 in all, collected by Paul since he was 11-years-old. Paul swears that he wasn’t drinking beer when he was eleven-years-old, he just needed a hobby. Look what it lead to.

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